An Easy Way to Use Your Phone While at Work

The work day can be long and boring, and you would often feel the need to check your phone to pass the time. The problem with this is that it gives your bosses a bad impression. If your manager walks by while you are using your phone more than a couple of times a day, they are going to start thinking that you are not pulling your own weight in the office and that you just come to work to slack off. This makes it highly likely that you would be fired, or at the very least you would not be considered for any high ranking positions in the future because they would want to promote someone that they feel is dedicated.

How, then, can you pass the time without making your boss think that you are not doing your work? Well, if you were able to surf social media on your desktop that would make things a lot easier, but social media sites are often blocked on office computers. One great way to get around this and to get yourself the chance the use your smartphone operating system on your computer is to use Bluestacks.

This is an android emulator which means that once you sign in to your Google account all of the apps that you use on your phone would now be available on your computer. You can stay connected with all of your friends and pass the time with ease while you are at work without having to worry about your boss looking at you and seeing you tapping away on your phone.

Passing the time at work can help you be productive, so this is a great way to make yourself seem more efficient at work.

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