Beard Itch 101

Beard itch is one of the most common problems faced my men all over the world; the struggle is real and irritating. When men decide to grow their beard, it starts to itch as the skin is not used to the growing facial hair and needs some time to adjust to the changes. However, your beard may also itch for other various reasons but you don’t have to worry as we have found tried and tested solutions to your beard problems.

The main reason behind your beard itch issue is that fact that you shave. Shaving causes dryness as well as the new hair that grows out after shaving is hard which in turn causes itching.  The beard also collects debris as they attract dust, food, and dead skin which are difficult to avoid and ignore.

You can get rid of this problem by cleaning your beard regularly through washing.upturned However, washing it frequently cause also cause imbalance in the natural oil that your beard hair and face produces resulting in other problems. So you can just wash your beard with plain water without using any soap or shampoo, using them occasionally.

Moisturizing your beard will also help you get rid of the problem as it will not over compensate or produce more natural oil then it should. There is a variety of beard oil and balms available that can help you moisturize your beard. Beyond Beards is known to be one of the best brands for beard oils and balms providing oils in four different flavors at the most affordable prices.

Beyond Beards provides the best beard products at the most affordable rates including a variety of beard oil, mustache wax and beard balm. Feel free to visit our website http://www.beyondbeards.com/ for product and price details.

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