Planning Your Wedding: What to Keep in Mind

As children we have all thought about our wedding day. In fact, some of us were more far ahead of everyone else and had a little diary with all our written ideas wrapped up in them safe. When it is finally time for us to get married as adults, a lot of us may look back on those old childhood memories and laugh because let’s face it, they weren’t realistic to say the least. A horse carriage leading to a castle isn’t exactly possible unless you have a pretty great budget, in which case, good on you.

Regardless, if you are currently overwhelmed with the entire process of planning your wedding, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you through the entire thing without turning into bridezilla.

  • Mapping out your budget is the best thing you can do. It narrows down your options for you and prevents you from going overboard and splurging unnecessarily.
  • If your budget allows it, hire a wedding planner. They will take care of everything within the budget you have given them and they will deal with all the unglamorous bits. They will also help you with wedding ideas and what they feel will suit your theme.
  • Your venue needs to be decided and booked at least a few weeks, and during wedding season, a few months prior so that you can get the date. Getting your venue booked should be a priority task.
  • Ask your friends and family about their recent experiences with caterers, decorators etc. so that you get honest feedback from people you trust.
  • Most importantly, do not let this get to you too much. Mistakes will happen and your wedding might not be exactly as you pictured it but at the end of the day what matters is that you are celebrating it with the people you love.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Going For a Destination Wedding

People have always thought about the day they get married since they were little. And this is not just limited to girls but even guys fantasize about the perfect wedding day. Since it is a moment you have been looking forward to, all your life, you should deserve a chance to make it completely memorable and epic!

However, keeping in mind, to recall those memorable moments and tell your children and grandchildren how amazing your wedding was, you would need a destination wedding photographer.

The Excitement

The thought of getting married to your beloved can give you the chills. Now imagine doubling the chills by adding some thrills to it. Going away from your house to get married is practiced by a lot of people just for the excitement that comes along with it. Everyone loves travelling and getting married so doing these 2 at the same time is the best!

A Fresh Start

Having a destination wedding gives you a shot at literally starting anew. What better way to write a new chapter of your life than in a place that is not the same as where you are right now, physically speaking?

Convenience And Inconvenience

Whether you want it to be convenient for everyone to show up at your wedding or whether you wish to have a small gathering with close friends and family to make it inconvenient for others who only show up at times of happiness, destination wedding will be your best friend.

So get cracking on your perfect day and as I mentioned earlier, you will need a destination wedding photographer. And for that, I suggest you checkout One Wed and go with the best, Chris and Becca, who will take care of everything for you.

The Characteristics of a Good Wedding Planner

A career in wedding planning is a very successful and fulfilling one. People get married everyday so you know that there will always be more customers and secondly, there is a sense of achievement every time you watch a successful marriage and hear the bride and groom thank you for your help. So, a wedding planning career can be a good choice but contrary to popular belief, being a wedding planner is a difficult job.

If you plan on pursuing a career in wedding planning, you should have the following characteristics to prove you are fit for the job.

  • You need to be an organized person. Every wedding planner has a wedding binder for each client which contains the contact information for different services, important dates and appointments etc. If you cannot stay organized, you cannot handle a wedding planning career.
  • You do not crumble under pressure. There is no such thing as a stress-free wedding, there are thousands of things to get done and it gets more and more difficult as the day of the wedding draws nearer. A caterer could back out, the dress can be delayed etc.
  • You should be quick to think on your feet since things tend to go wrong even on the day of the wedding. A bridesmaid could be missing, the wedding dress might have been altered wrong, the wedding cake got ruined etc. You should have solutions instantly since the couple will be looking to you for answers.
  • You are able to stay polite and assertive. It can be difficult to get the florists to agree or handling problems between the bride and a relative etc. Emotions tend to run high so you need to be able to be assertive enough to get things done and at the same time maintain a good impression.
  • You should be genuinely interested in every aspect of a wedding and be excited with the couple as well.

Getting a Top-Notch Photographer For Your Wedding

Your wedding is a very important celebration, because it’s the ceremony that seals your marriage, that important union with the person you really love. There are many things to watch out when planning a wedding, and the photographer is one of them. Come with us and learn how to get a top-notch one.

The Photographer:

indian wedding videographers

It’s more important than you think.Without him your wedding cannot be referred as a wedding in fact. Therefore, you need to ensure you are hiring an excellent one, a perfect pick. Otherwise your wedding won’t be as great as it could be, therefore, you need to fill all the dots and make your wedding exceptional.

Perfect is a term that can be mutated, in other words, it changes from case to case. If you wanted to host a Desi wedding, then you would need to hire a Desi photographer New York. That’s it, the more specific you are the better.

Therefore, you need to hire a photographer who has real-life experience working with weddings similar or identical to yours. This will offer you much better results.

Ask The Internet:

The internet is great. It’s a real fountain of knowledge. Therefore, all you need to do is to consult it and you will get plenty of recommendations on great wedding photographers near to you.

You can also try to ask relatives or friends, but if none of them can give you a good answer, then you can always go to the internet and test your luck there. As simple as that.

So do these things and you will achieve success with this matter.You need to organize an excellent wedding which is worth remembering for years to come, and you need to have a great photographer to immortalize it.

Mistakes to Avoid When You Are Buying a Wedding Ring

There’s absolutely no denying that wedding rings are extremely sacred, after all, you’re buying a ring in order to declare your love towards a person, and pretty much everyone will tell you that you should pull no stops when it comes to a wedding ring because the feeling and opportunity comes once in a life time. While that’s true, spending your entire savings on a wedding ring isn’t the smartest idea there is because you have a lot of other expenses to take care of as well. With that said, if you are buying a ring, you can have a lot to choose from, and you can always visit in order to find the wedding ring you want.Today, we have gathered here to ponder over some mistakes people end up making when they are choosing a wedding ring, and you should keep in mind that these mistakes must be avoided in order to have a relaxing ad proper experience. So, without further ado, let’s take a look.

Spending a Lot
5077621Believe it or not, you’re not supposed to spend your entire month’s salary, or your entire savings on a wedding ring. Yes, people do say that, but do keep in mind that a marriage is a bond between you and the person you’re getting married to. Not the people who’ll come, talk, and go away.

Going All Fancy
A lot of people don’t know, but the wedding ring you are buying for your spouse doesn’t have to be all fancy, drowning in bling. Yes, wedding rings can be at their simplest and still look beautiful. Take a look into the simple, minimalistic rings that are made out of platinum in order to have a better idea about a wedding ring.

An Amazing Wedding in Wollongong

You deserve to have an amazing and unforgettable wedding, but only if you want it to happen. If you want it badly and are ready to do as much as needed to make it happen, then believe us that this short article will result of great help.

If you are ready to take action and invest as much time as needed, as well as resources, then you should keep reading, because this article is only for action takers!

Where Will You Host It?

Screen-Shot-2014-08-21-at-7.36.50-AM-410x280The first thing you should take care of is the place where you will host your wedding.You have two options here: renting a place or celebrating it at home. The first option is the most expensive one, but if you are going to invite more people than your house can host, then this is your best option. But on the other hand, if you are not going to invite dozens over dozens of persons, then celebrating it in your house seems to be an excellent idea. Because this way you will save money and even be able to organize the wedding better and have more control over everything.

Do You Already Have a Photographer?

Another thing you must take into account is hiring a reliable and professional Wollongong wedding photography service. Without this vital professional, your wedding will be a failure. You must remember your wedding, and the best way to do it is by immortalizing it in vivid and HQ photos, and this is something that can only be delivered by someone who really knows how to work with the camera.

The End:

Take care of these two aspects and you will have an amazing wedding that none will forget. But you must act fast and start planning it as soon as possible!

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