Everything You Need To Know About Liquid Limestone

Just when you think that you have found the latest thing, there will soon be another new innovation that will then take over as the next big thing, such is the nature of living in an ever-changing world where creativity and innovation is at its peak. The same principle also applies to our building materials as well, at first we predominantly used bricks, and then cement and now the next big thing is liquid limestone. You may have noticed an increase when it comes to Perth liquid limestone in various landscaping projects. This article will focus entirely on liquid limestone, what it is and everything else you need to know about it.

First of all, for those of you wondering what liquid limestone is to begin with, it is basically a mixture of mainly limestone with cement; other materials can be added depended on where and for what purpose the liquid limestone is being used.

Liquid limestone is used as an alternative to our standard paver or cement. That means it can be used in pathways, patios, pool areas, driveways and other similar surfaces etc. In short, mostly in landscaping projects. The biggest advantage of liquid limestone is the fact that it does not absorb as much heat because of which it does not heat up quickly. Hence, this is why in Perth liquid limestone use is so popular given how intense the summer heat gets. As it is porous, it does require an annual coat of sealant but otherwise it does not require much maintenance.

Liquid limestone has its own naturally white color with a pale yellow undertone but its color can be changed as well as its design and texture depending on the person’s needs. Most concrete suppliers or your local contractor can direct you as to where you can get liquid limestone. Some companies also offer their services in liquid limestone paving as well.

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