Having Your Own Place: The Importance

As much as we dread the years we spend in school and college because let’s face it, no one likes spending their mornings at school trying to absorb a lecture that doesn’t make sense to you because you’re too sleepy to process things. However, we had a lot of other things covered for us so didn’t have as much to stress about at the time. Our accommodation was always taken care of, be it at our parent’s house or the student dorms. Now that you are an adult, you have to bear the cost of accommodation.

A lot of people choose to co-share apartments which is a good idea, some people tend to move out of their own apartment later on to move in with their partners, which is where the problem lies. I strongly believe in the importance of having your own separate living space. It doesn’t have to be a big house, a simple apartment can do, or if you’re looking for permanent ownership, condos are a great option. In fact, Edge Tower is currently has units available for buying.

The reason why we stress in having a place of your own is because it helps you live independently fully. You are solely responsible for everything when it comes to managing your own place, so you learn to appreciate things even more and become even more responsible because you are answerable to your own self by the end of the day. Even though I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, life is unpredictable and things happen. This is where you have to remove yourself from a bad environment and move to a safe space. Having a place of your own allows you to do that. Plus it also helps you establish and maintain your own independence as well.

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