Listening Through The Blues

The popularity of Bluetooth speakers have gone up lately. Almost every person has a Bluetooth wireless speaker that they use at different occasions. Whether it is at a party to play dance music, or if it is at a quiet gathering to play mellow tracks, a Bluetooth speaker is a great piece of equipment to have and it is essentially the new version of the boom box craze come back to life. Every single person wants a good Bluetooth speaker; everyone looks for good quality and affordability. Not every person can go up and by an XL Beats Pill, and it is not the absolute best speaker available anyway, and that is why today we will be talking about some of the more affordable brands that are making amazing Bluetooth speakers that can also give you amazing sound quality.

Of the best seller products available amongst Bluetooth speakers, one that makes our list is the Phantom Mobile Bluetooth speaker. This speaker has unbelievable sound quality and also has a lot of surround bass support for the music that is played. No other Bluetooth speaker has the surround sound spread like this amazing device from ultimate ears has. The only real downside to this speaker is that it is a little difficult to find but you should be able to get it off of Amazon or some other online shopping website that sells electronics.

Next we have the Bose mini Bluetooth speaker. This little box has a surprisingly good and loud sound quality to it. The great thing about this speaker is that it is so small and compact it can be moved around with ease and you can connect your phone or other mini Bluetooth devices to it to play music anywhere. You just have to be careful handling it so it doesn’t break.

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