Sports: Why Gender Shouldn’t Stop Your Kids

It is safe to say that most of us faced a lot of restrictions because of our gender back when we were kids. Regardless of whether you were a boy or a girl, each of you had defined “rules” you had to follow, activities you were automatically supposed to like or dislike because they were characteristic of you gender. However, things are no longer the same anymore. Thankfully, the idea of gender constructs have considerably weakened over the past few decades. People are now accepting the idea that gender should not limit anyone’s interests or stop them from doing what they want to.

Girls had always been on the short-end of this stick since they would be confined to their homes, doing “tamer” and “feminine” activities like playing house, playing dress up etc. However, as a more socially aware parent today, you now understand that this serves no purpose, rather it does more harm than good in the long run.

Sports are recommended for your kids regardless of their gender. Each kid could have their own preferences or talents with any sports, maybe your kids is meant for swimming, or tennis, or even as a pitcher regardless of whether it’s baseball or softball etc. By participating in sports, you know your child is getting physical activity and exertion done, which is both healthy and necessary for them. Similarly, your child is going to pick up on a lot of skills and lessons early on, like time management, how to deal with loss, sportsmanship, working as a team and, learning to be confident in themselves to name a few. So, the next time your daughter asks you to get her softball gloves for catchers or to install a hoop in your backyard, don’t make fun of her, encourage her, and remind her that she should never see her gender as hindrance to getting what she wants.

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