Things to Look For in a Fish Finder Before Buying One

If you have been on a lot of fishing trips on weekends with your dad or in the holidays with your friends or on your own to spend some “me” time, you would know that it is not easy to just randomly roll out a boat, swing the fishing rod and expect to catch fishes every time.

That rarely works and it does based on luck. But luck does not stick around with you forever. And if you have experienced running out of luck then you might be looking for a fish finder to help you better locate these babies under water. But before you decide to buy one, here are a couple of things to check off your list of the product:


Even though it may not be one of the most important features, it still is a useful tool to locate yourself when you are in the middle of the ocean. In case you want to note down the location with a lot of fishes to come back to this spot or to send someone your longitudes and latitudes.

Screen Size

SS is a fairly important feature to look for in a fish finder. After all, you do not want to install something that is too small for your eyes or for the length of the boat. Whatever floats your boat, should be a good size. Generally these things come in a 5 inch or a 7 inch display in diagonal.


The best thing to do before buying any fish finder is to read up its reviews. For example, you can Google Lowrance Mark 5 Pro review in order to figure more about this particular fish finder or just go to fish finding guide and read more.

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