What Are The Essential Vitamins For Hair Growth?

Hair loss or thinning can be caused by a number of reasons such as aging, hormonal imbalance, stress, and diet. According to most health experts from all over the world women suffer more hair shedding than men especially when they cross their 40’s. Thick and bright hair is traditionally seen more attractive and many women spend a fortune on various hair and scalp treatment products without even knowing about the benefits of consuming various vitamins and minerals. Our hair is linked with our overall health and you must have observed thinning of hair or dryness of scalp when you get sick or experience vitamin deficiencies.

Most dermatologists suggest people who experience hair fall to consume Vitamin A tablets which also helps regenerate different cells of the body. Once you start consuming this vitamin daily, the production of Sebum will increase in your body and you feel more moisturized and refreshed throughout the day. Many of us may overdose as soon as we realize the importance of Vitamin A in our diet, but it would actually be counterproductive if you consume it more than its recommended intake.

People who are allergic to whole grains may experience a B-vitamins deficiency which cause the hair follicle to dry up and loose the grip of hair. These vitamins are necessary to increase the oxygen production in your body so that the blood circulate in each part.

You should also get Vitamin C from diet or tablets as this is necessary to fight against the free radicals that are roaming around in your system. Not only do they cause various illnesses and diseases but they also cause your hair to age. If you are looking for the best vitamins for hair, then visit the webpage of The Hair Growth Products.

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